Monday, December 12, 2005

MindComet Blog

Just got e-mailed the following news release. Interesting approach to a "corporate" blog. You have to check out the bathroom soundcheck! It is hilarious.

MindComet Team Members Waste Perfectly Good Cake Celebrating the Launch of Corporate Culture Blog

ORLANDO -- Get inside the cake-covered faces of MindComet's outrageous creative team as they spill their frustrations about life, office pastimes, and the low-down on MindComet's leading executives. Launched to release extra creative energy, is a corporate blog like no other. They've taken off their suits and ties, and traded them in for ripped jeans and sandals, letting clients see how things really go down.

The head-turning, scratch-your-head, can't-believe-they-just-went-there website is never disappointing, often inappropriate, and always addicting.

Think you know Paul Lewis, MindComet's Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing? Think again. The quiet, well-organized, always studious brain of the company turned dancing machine, cigarette stealer, and advice-giving guru after a recent company cruise after party. Even he couldn't escape the lure of the posting on

Looking to put in a request to hear your favorite song sung from the inside of the men's bathroom? Visit and check out MindComet's Viral Marketing Specialist's "Bathroom Sound Check." It's out there. It's outrageous. It's MindComet uncensored.

A simple, conservative corporate blog just wouldn't do the innovative, Relationship Marketing firm justice. "It's a great way to build stronger relationships with our clients and potential team members. The blog gives them an inside peek into our firm's culture and the people that make this place so special.

It demonstrates our passion for creativity and desire to communicate the unexpected," commented Ted Murphy, President and CEO of MindComet. "Since launching, traffic to our main site is up 20%, and the feedback has been nothing but positive. Cakeplow
demonstrates one of the many ways a corporate blog can positively impact a company's marketing effort." is one of many blogs developed and maintained by MindComet on a variety of subjects. In September, MindComet launched their Internet marketing thought leadership Voodoo blogs, tackling subjects from email marketing to consumer generated media. All of MindComet's blogs are indexed at which serves as the central hub for MindComet.


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