Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Flip Side

Okay, this post is going to seem a bit odd coming on the heels of what I wrote last night. But, isn't that the interesting thing about this whole blogging concept? Namely, this medium's aptitude at voicing opinions in real time (which sometimes shows a train of thought rather than a final concept).

On to my I read a number of posts starting with this
one about a comment made by Steve Rubel. Steve is correctly identified as one of the leading PR bloggers. The criticism came when he indicated that he saw himself near the top of a caste like system. As these critics pointed out, I think Steve's intent was to be helpful. However, the comments got me thinking about a trend I've noticed among some bloggers. That is to focus on the regurgitation of information rather than the development of new content. (Note: I am not directing this perspective at Steve as he does a great job of providing fresh content. In fact, I don't have any one person in mind at all.)

There is some room for this approach to blogging (a great example is
Boing Boing). However, at its roots blogging is supposed to be a person's thoughts on a topic. I just can't believe that the role of top-tier blogs is simply to redirect people to other blogs. Blogs like Micro Persuasion got to be where they are because of strong/fresh content not just links. So, how does that relate to all of us entry-level bloggers? Content is King! Quit worrying so much about pitching your blog, and focus on developing strong content. If you don't have anything interesting to say (and I'm sure you do) than maybe this whole blog thing isn't for you. And, if you do want to make a name for yourself, consider posting comments on the sites of guys like Steve. Prove you've got something good to say and people will start to listen.


Just got forwarded a link that once again proves there is "nothing new thing under the sun." (reference to Ecclesiates 1:9) Thanks, Josh.


Anonymous Bob said...

So true, content really is king. And for some great content, check out O’Blog!

9:32 AM  
Blogger Trent Flood said...

Bob - Shameless. haha

9:37 AM  

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