Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Finding Purpose on the Blogosphere

I just read an interesting post on one of the blogs that I monitor. This reinforced something I've been mulling for some time now. I believe that up to this point, many blogs have been started with little to no thought about audience, message or purpose. Heck...I'm a prime example. I started this blog with little idea about who I wanted to talk to, what I wanted to say, or why I wanted to say it. As a PR professional, I should be ashamed. Since that time, I've realized that my purpose here is to share insights with other PR professionals about how to make our professional stronger.

I've also mentioned in a prior post that I've helped my organization start a blog. That one was done with a lot more strategic foresight. Audience=traditional media. Message=Metro Orlando is full of interesting companies, business people and trends that you should know about. Objective=increase coverage of the undiscovered side of the region's economy. Since starting the blog we have tried to focus our attention on posting items that address these main points. Generally, we have a purpose.

I think this is John Jantsch's underlying point. Don't start a corporate blog, just to start one. That's a bad strategy and will lead to bad results. Need help identifying the potential opportunities associated with this medium? I have just the person to talk to...


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