Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Shout Out

With some of the horrible retail experiences that I have had in the past, I think that good customer service should be highlighted. It's unfortunate that positive retail stories seem to be so few and far between (that's a whole post in and of itself). However, today I just want to highlight two retailers that I have purchased products from for my Nissan 350Z. The two companies are Coastal Metals in Fayetteville, NC and ZeeToyz, Inc. out of Hamilton, Ontario. Not only did these companies offer unique, high-quality products, but they were both extremely responsive throughout the ordering and delivery process. I would highly recommend them, and would challenge other companies to take the kind of hands-on, responsive approach they represent.

This is also a good lesson for communication professionals. We simply cannot undervalue personal communication in this world of mass messaging. Think about that in terms of your strategic plan and media relations activities. Would you be more effective by personally sending a message or picking up the phone than by blasting something out using the dreaded Cc: or Bcc: function? In fact, much of the discussion on the Bad Pitch blog is about this mass e-mail approach.


Anonymous Bob said...

Whoever invented the cc:, bcc:, distribution list and reply all functions for e-mail is the most evil person in the history of the human race.

1:17 PM  

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